Policies decided in Washington D.C. have a profound impact on corporations, trade associations, and non-profit groups. The federal government can, with the stroke of a pen, change the operating landscape for even the most sophisticated business or organization.  An understanding of the process, the politics and the personalities behind key decisions is essential for success in the nation's Capital. We are dedicated to providing our clients with thoughtful and experienced strategic counseling, crisis management and issues development services. Founded in 2001, the firm has advised clients in the financial services, entertainment, technology, energy, health care and legal sectors.

Led by Paul Equale, a lawyer, strategist and advocate in Washington D.C. for more than three decades, the firm has provided advice and counsel to some of America's largest and most successful corporations, trade associations and non-profit groups.  The hallmark of our client service is our experience, professionalism, and a commitment to the highest ethical standards.

A winning public affairs program requires more than lobbying and public relations. Anticipating and shaping the legislative, regulatory and communications environment is crucial to success, especially when the landscape is complicated and uncertain. We provide a tested and experienced approach that enables our clients to achieve their public affairs goals.

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